J.B. – A Perfect Combination
I love my SOULdoku! It combines two of my favorite things…puzzles and inspiration from God’s Word! It is small enough to stow away in a purse, so when I have a few minutes to myself, I can encourage my soul with a devotional and challenge my brain with a puzzle. It’s a perfect combination of fun and fellowship with God.

T.K. – Little book with a BIG impact.
SOULdoku is a great little book with relevant messages and puzzles that provide a fun but relaxing way to give your brain a little exercise. I’ve read through the book multiple times and each time I read one of the pages, the message has a new meaning depending on what my life circumstances are at that moment. This book is a great reminder that God’s word is timeless and that the wisdom found in His Word can apply to so much of what we deal without throughout our lives, whether mundane or extraordinary. I especially like this book because the messages are short and sweet. They’re great if you only have a few minutes to sit down and read to give you something to think about throughout the day, but they’re also great if you want to use them as a springboard for diving further into studying God’s word!

The little BUT vibrant-colored book catches your eye on the shelf and can go many places with you; the doctor’s office while you wait for an appointment, your desk as you take a lunch break, or even the kitchen table as you eat breakfast in the morning. The compelling stories and puzzles do exactly what the cover says, “Engage Your Mind, Enrich Your Soul”. SOULdoku encourages you to slow down, even if you just have a few moments, and focus in on the goodness and love of God in all circumstances. Some of the stories will even make you laugh because you can imagine yourself in a situation just like the one that is written. I love that I can have SOULdoku on my bookshelf ready for me to read or that I can give it as a gift to a friend, who many need a little encouragement in their life.

This little but very powerful book of 40 personal stories which could have easily come from your life will speak to each reader. Lynda reminds us we are not alone in our daily walks, life events. Our Savior knows each of us and wants to guide us in all ways if only we allow Him. Come to Him for peace and joy. Eternal life is only through our Savior and Counselor, Jesus Christ.

H.A. – I get a blessing from each of the articles I have read so far.