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After many months of thought, journaling, editing and creating (and more help editing), this soul project is now in a soft cover format:  SOULdoku!


I never dreamed that this opportunity would evolve. God definitely had a plan and I truly hope and pray that you benefit from His words. If you enjoy reading my journal notes, it is my pleasure to share them with you.


I began to combine passages with my “journaling” when I was experiencing health issues. My body was aching, changes were everywhere. I noticed that when I read the Bible and wrote in my journal, God’s words offered me comfort in my discomfort. The situation did not change but my viewpoint to persevere did! My focus was clearer.


One day I observed my husband enjoying a number puzzle called Sudoku. Hmm, I thought…Why not have a puzzle with a Bible passage? Reading God’s word
while doing a puzzle – multitasking!  Thank you, Lord for my family, who encouraged and nudged me to do my soul project – SOULdoku.


May God’s words inspire you, and may these puzzles offer a little fun respite. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you.  It is a blessing to share SOULdoku with you!